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Free Chat Guidelines:

This is a free group chat where you can meet and get to know our performers. You'll be able to see and hear them live and use the text box to chat with a performer.

Models start their shows in Free Chat and, at the first request, move into a paid chat, either Bikini or Adult.

Although you can participate in Free Chat without funds in your account, preference is given to members with funds.

You need a free account.

Group Chat Guidelines:

In Group Chat, you may ask the performer of your choice to put on a special show, such as flexing, posing, or your favorite strength movement.

Only other users that are willing to pay for the performer's time can join you in Bikini Chat. Although this is a non-nude area, the performances are sexy and provocative.

Ideal for flexing, posing, strength movements.

No nudity.


You need an account.

You need adequate funds.

Private Chat Guidelines:

Private Chat is truly "behind closed doors". It is a private chat between you and your performer.

No one can see what's going on except you and your performer, and each performer sets her own limits. What goes on here up to the two of you - as long as it doesn't violate state or federal law (grin).

Adult Content Permitted.

Completely Private.

You need an account.

You need adequate funds.

Performer sets the rules.